Welcome to CheekyMonkey!

CheekyMonkeyTM is a funtabulous photographic studio dedicated to providing insightful portraits of kids aged 6 months to 16 years, in all their charismatic glory!

We don’t care for formal, rigid portraits that suppress the uniqueness of each child; rather we entertain, stimulate and excite the child to elicit responses that are unique, spontaneous and expressive of their true uninhibited nature.

Housed within a leading professional Photography Studio, we are located on the top floor of an 18th Century linen mill. ThisĀ  location enjoys 360 degree views of Dublin City & Mountains and provides you with the convenience of free parking too.

This child-centric service provides proud parents with wonderful large format portraits on either classic canvas, modern aluminium, or traditional paper; and offers and a range of ipad & iphone accessories that freeze forever that cheeky grin and soulful eyes…

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